Ted Jacob Engineering Group

Mechanical Engineering

Our principal mechanical engineers have over 30 years individual experience in the design of Healthcare, Laboratory, Institutional and Highrise buildings. We pride ourselves of maintaining continuity of the project from pre-design through construction and commissioning. We implement sustainable concepts in our design.

We pioneered use of the 100% Outside Air with Run-around heat recovery coil system and manifolded air handling unit, for complete redundancy, in the healthcare environment.

Our experience and expertise include designof the following systems:

  • 100% Outside Air with Run-Around Heat Recovery Coil System
  • Variable Air Volume System
  • Displacement Ventilation

  • Airborne Infection (Negative Isolation) Exhaust System
  • Protective Environment (Positive Isolation) Exhaust System
  • Laboratory Exhaust System
  • Air Handling Units Manifold System
  • Building Management System, BMS
  • Fan Optimization
  • High Pressure Steam System
  • Central Utility Plant
    • Variable Primary Chilled Water System
    • Primary and Secondary Chilled Water System
    • Primary and Secondary Heating Hot Water System
    • Condenser Water System
    • Co-Generation
  • Systems selection is based on:
    • Energy Studies
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis