Ted Jacob Engineering Group

Design Philosophy and Goals

Our design goal is to meet the 2030 industry-wide challenge of Net Zero Energy and Carbon Footprint in the design of our building systems. Our environmentally conscious philosophy has mobilized our practice to integrate innovations proven through research and development into the flow of our design practice. Keeping the life-cycle cost of a building at the forefront, our design process incorporates efficiency of space and equipment, ease of maintenance and the potential for future expansion wherever possible. Our integrated solutions work towards increasingly favorable first costs, energy, water and material savings, better indoor air quality and improved operational efficiencies.

Innovation Experience

In striving to meet the 2030 challenge, we have proven experience with innovative, state of the art design and development that far surpass conventional building systems designs in addition to the design of on-site renewable energy systems. We have developed Building Information Modeling (BIM) not only for clash detection in the design phase, but also for preparation of shop drawings and assessment of significant fabrication processes. In addition, we can analyze and address the sequence of construction and provide bills of quantity.