Ted Jacob Engineering Group

Renewable Energy

Renewable sources of energy involve technologies that provide energy without using fuels that emit high levels of carbon. These alternative energy sources come in many forms and must be analyzed for appropriate implementation. Factors such as the local climate, geography, and available resources, anticipated growth rates and installed infrastructures also affect the viability of any given option. TJEG determines how to economically optimize the use of available resources in the specific context of a given project. TJEG is committed to maximizing the appropriate use of alternative energy systems, ever conscious of the global implications of green-house gas emissions, water resource distribution, mineral consumption and equipment manufacturing. An in-depth analysis of environmental effects, externalities costs, and economics and financing results in the design of the ideal blend of available technologies to meet the program needs while acting as conscious stewards of the environment.

Analysis includes:

  • Resource use optimization
  • Techno-economic feasibility and cost analysis
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Environmental externalities analysis/assessment
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Research and development targets and barrier identification
  • Water requirements and distribution analysis

TJEG’s knowledge and expertise allow for the integration of complex sets of data across several technologies. With premier modeling systems and analysis tools available, TJEG provides custom tailored solutions made up of the ideal components to ideally suit any given situation.