Ted Jacob Engineering Group

Water Efficiency

Facing growing populations and decreasing water supplies, communities around the world are recognizing the increasing need to ensure a safe, sustainable, local water supply. Decades of research have translated into technologies that allow communities to expand their conservation and management of water sources. Technologies such as Rainwater Recovery and Gray water Collection have been proven in applications around the world. Rainwater Recovery has broad applications such as providing water for boilers, cooling towers and HVAC system cooling water. After significant research, TJEG developed the concept of collecting air conditioning condensate and using it first for cooling, then for water features (the water is highly purified) and finally sending it to the gray water system. Gray water collection with a high degree of water treatment can be used for irrigation and plumbing waste systems where allowable. TJEG’s proposals for Rainwater Recovery and Gray water Collection systems form the basis of a responsible approach to water conservation. Any other potential considerations and options would be identified and evaluated in order to determine the best integrated solution for project needs and life-cycle cost effectiveness in addition to environmental stewardship.